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The Giant Group consists of the Giant Group Law Firm, the Giant Group International Patent, Trademark & Law Office, and the Giant Group Certified Public Accountant. Well engaged in the general corporate practice including civil litigation, criminal litigation, company investment, banking and finance, labor and employment, patent, trademark, copyright, trade secrets and other fields.

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Benjamin is a practicing lawyer and patent attorney with extensive experience in intellectual property infringement litigation, general corporate legal affairs and business law cases. He is familiar with IP litigation and has successfully help clients to protect their rights and defend his clients from improper assertions many times.

Steven assisted in many domestic cases of management right of big companies. He also deals with litigation cases of company merger and shareholder issue for famous and big listed companies.

Steven is a very experienced lawyer. He handles many litigation cases related to Securities Exchange Act, business law and arbitration for big companies. He has the experience in handling the litigation which involved in ten billions dollars of compensation between a famous bank holding company and the government, and successfully protected his client from paying that huge amount of compensation. He also represented the case which the security company was jointly and severally responsible for their clerk’s personal violation. He assisted his client in the third instant to revise the decision and made the court remand the case. The client believed in him and relied heavily on his services.

Ms. Lee was retained by renowned companies to defend them on fights for corporate ownership and shareholding-related disputes. She provided consultation services to Taiwanese entrepreneurs on launching investments in China, developing infrastructure required for the investments, and resolving commercial disputes. Ms. Lee is a highly experienced lawyer, as evidenced by the Winner of Litigation & Dispute Resolution – Taiwan by Corporate LiveWire – Global Awards 2015, she received in 2015.

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