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Giant Group Law Office is a service team comprised of talents, enthusiasm and energy. With dozens of lawyers and professional consultants, Giant Group strives to meet the needs of our clients around the world. In addition to intellectual property, Giant Group also specializes in corporate governance, securities trading, labor-capital relationship, labor law, family case, property planning, consumer dispute settlement, civil and criminal litigation, and administrative remedy. We deliver the most professional legal counsel service. With the rich knowledge and practical experience of our legal team, Giant Group guarantees fast, professional and economically effective solutions.


Founded in 1984, with equal emphasis on legal profession and humanistic care, Giant Group supports both team development and personal growth. Through the innovative thinking and practical experience of our staff, as well as collaboration and case research of the legal teams, we have successfully integrated the expertise of our lawyers and cross-field teams to meet the individual needs of our clients, and provide well-analyzed views and advices. We aim to establish long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and improve our clients’ competitiveness.

Guided by the mission of providing our clients with more diversified choices and better legal service quality, Giant Group integrates diversified resources and long-established reputation in order to create more added values in the cost-effective operation of our legal teams, which greatly increases the benefits of legal services.
Professional efficiency/practice specialty, efficiency improvement

Culture Vision

Team Work

Always give priority to our clients and our collective interests.


Enthusiasm and devotion.

Employee Satisfaction

Employees be adequately rewarded.


Practice professionalism and improve efficiency

The Giant Group’s logo shows a big red letter “G”, the first letter of the English word “Giant”. The big red letter “G” denotes enthusiasm, energy, and esteem-oriented services. Beside the big red letter “G” is a red planar region bounded by a circle and hollowed out to display a small white letter “G”, the first letter of the English word “Group”. The small white letter “G” indicates group wisdom and includes an arrow that points in the upper-right direction. The arrow suggests an advancing ambitious team composed of the Giant Group and clients thereof.